September 21, 2009

The randomness of the title of my blog is cohesive with the randomness in my head. and that's not an exaggeration. just the other day, as i stood outside the lift of my building, i thought of a questions no one has been able to answer confidently till now (maybe because they were too busy making fun of me for asking the question) : what would be worse, a sty in the eye, or a pimple on the nose?
Whatever is the reason behind these completely irrelevant topics in my mind, it gives me a lot to think about, and a lot to write about.
This is the first post i write, to inaugurate my blog. i hope to write many more .

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  1. Good question. I like the idea of your first blog and hope to see many more... check out mine if you get time. jninemonkeymusic.blogspot.com


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