Wall Art Project

March 28, 2012

This bare wall would stare at us constantly, and it's a surprise we didn't notice earlier. It all started one day when mum and I were driving through the city, enjoying all the street art which seems to have gainer popularity in some parts. It made me want to get out in the middle of the night and paint something of my own, an idea that didn't really excite mum (who could see that coming?) So, as a compromise, and to fulfill my desire to paint a wall, we chose this blank canvas of a wall at home and got started. We'd work on it whenever we had the time since we weren't in a hurry. We knew that since it was our first, we shouldn't be too ambitious. So, our color scheme was simple, as was our sketch. We are really proud of the outcome. The bright colors bring an instant smile on our faces!

Here it is!

Also, I took pictures of us working, which was tough since at the time I didn't have a tripod and had to use a tall, rather ancient showpiece found at home. Then, I made a simple stop-motion, something I had wanted to try for the longest time! I didn't have time to learn the professional software but Windows Movie Maker didn't fail to give me the essentials to make one. Take a look!

Wall Art Project from Priya Savoor on Vimeo.

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  1. absobloominglutely LOVE it!!! Sooo gorgeous!! Next project... i volunteer my services madam!!!:-D

  2. Priya - this is fantastic! Good for you for making the world more beautiful, one brushstroke at a time. How creative!

  3. Thank you, Pia and Mariam! It was a lot of fun to make as well :D

  4. Shruti, done! Get back soon and we'll plan something out. :)

  5. This was really great! So your mom and yourself both share a love for art? This is really bold. Over time this piece will get even more beautiful. Unless you paint over it, then that will be beautiful too. I'm always fascinated by stop motion. All the time you have to put into it! Holy cow! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Cool!


  7. Great job on the wall. It came out amazingly.

  8. quirky, colorful!!



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