Why, this is just the beginning

March 02, 2012

Well, I feel rather foolish. For the longest time, I have been in close proximity to a good camera, and I didn't even realize it! My dad's camera has forever been at my disposal, and I have been using it often of late, but always in an automatic mode. The reason for this being, though I am familiar with the terms related to photography, I haven't really given it much of a try. It has always been more for documenting, than experimenting.

Today, however, when out with a bunch of photographer friends, I decided to take it along. Imagine my surprise when they both looked at it and informed me of its good qualities! They were also gracious enough to explain the settings to me, so that I could start with my bit of amateur photography. Very soon my luck ran out, and by luck, I mean battery. So a couple of shots were the end of this evening. However, I suspect this is only the beginning, and now that the bug has bitten me, I will try to hold on to the curiosity.

The old gentleman playing the extremely primitive looking banjo seemed quite happy getting his photo taken, and when my friend asked him to smile so the second could take a shot, he was more than willing. He also played the instrument beautifully, which I'm pretty sure is to tempt people to buy one.

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