Weekend and the movies

March 26, 2012

I hope no one is suffering from the Monday blues, but if they are, then I get it. As a freelancer, one doesn't really have a clear mental divide of week and weekend. When working, all days are work days. But in that unfortunate period when the phone and email refrains from any alerts regarding projects, the days seem like weekends put together. Whichever situation I may find myself in, I am always aware of Sundays, and hence, Mondays. Sundays are by definition a day to relax, so I instinctively end up working less on those days. And Mondays, even though are exactly like any other, leave me feeling less than excited. Strange, but true.

The past weekend was pretty uneventful. Finding myself in the latter situation in the freelancer's fortune graph (yes, I made that up.), I didn't explore anything new or indulge in anything exciting. I did, however, get to watch a few movies! The first was My Week With Marilyn, the Oscar nominated biopic talking of the time when Marilyn Monroe was at the height of her career and traveled to England to make a movie with Sir Lawrence Olivier. It shows her struggle with confidence, her insecurities and her constant personal battles. Isn't it ironic how the people constantly surrounded by hoards of people can also be the loneliest ones out there?

Another one I saw was Annie Hall, a Woody Allen film. I always enjoy movies or shows that are set in old time New York (like You've Got Mail of course), and Woody Allen's humor was very refreshingly sarcastic. I'm embarrassed to confess that I haven't really seen any of his work, apart from this one now. But I'm sure I will soon.

I also tried some more nail art, a colorful french manicure if you may. A little messy, but I can live with it.

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  1. Your nails look fabulous! What is that you do? Freelance, sounds exciting!

    I'm not a huge woody Allen fan, but his movies are memorable.

    You've Got Mail is in my top ten favorite movies. My favorite Marylin film is How To Marry A. Millionaire.

  2. Thank you! I'm a freelance graphic designer and writer. Much like anything else, it has its ups and downs, but I'm happy. You've Got Mail is my favorite movie of all time! And I still have to see a Marilyn Monroe one...will see the one you mentioned :)


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