How many hours make a day, I wonder

March 17, 2012

Well I sure had a productive Saturday. In the course of the day, I woke up a little too early for my liking, managed to get some work done (mostly generating ideas but that's whats been tough these days), hung out with friends, clicked pictures for the blog and edited them (thanks again, Stefanie!), went out with family, saw a movie...phew! It was one of those days you look back at and wonder if you were given more time than others spent doing nothing.

The movie was called Kahaani (which means story in Hindi), a thriller which packs quite a punch. It was very refreshing to see such a well made movie, considering the last one I saw was a very poor copy of The Italian Job. The movie also gave us a glimpse into the busy streets of Kolkatta, a place I haven't visited yet. Even though the movie didn't really show it as a holiday destination, I'm still curious to experience the Bong life.

Getting to another favorite topic of discussion, I am now juggling three books! Although one of them is of greater priority, the other two are interesting as well. The first is the book of short stories for the book club, the second is of a hermaphrodite and the events that took place in his family's history and the third is a satire. So, as you may be able to imagine, I'll probably concoct a whole new story in my head using little tit-bits from all these books (hey, who says one can't be inspired by the film industry?). But that story will remain in my head, so there's no need to be alarmed.

Oh, and I seem to be getting a little better at the jumping shots. It took me much less time to get a fairly decent one, and I was far less breathless when I was done. The act can probably be marketed as a legitimate exercise tactic, if you ask me.

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  1. Do you take these photos of yourself?

  2. Yeah...I use a tripod and self-timer :)

  3. Absolutely loving the purple in your outfit. And the 3 books sound so interesting.

  4. Looking lovely - what a gorgeous colour your cardi is! So rich :)
    Brilliant clones and jumping :) I think I'll try jumping too today :D

  5. Thank you! :D Looking forward to your jumping shots...


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