Windy day

March 22, 2012

Today sure was a beautifully windy day. I, however, could not enjoy much of it, since I had (and still have) a whole lot of items on the to-do list. But I could spare some time for an impromptu photoshoot (when does one NOT have time for that?). The day turned out to be quite productive, so you won't find me complaining.

A sentence from the book I'm currently reading is stuck in my head. It reads, 'The one question art cannot answer for sure is 'Why is this Art?'. Deep. One can probably ask that of many things, and not get an answer. It's strange how certain words just stick in your mind, and you find yourself not really trying to understand them, but just repeating them incessantly. The book will be reviewed and online soon, so there's that to look forward to!

As far as the outfit is concerned, it was also one of those days I felt like wearing something totally mismatched. Shapes and patterns are meant to be played around with, aren't they? I went a step further to make a tie of sorts using a long ribbon I fail to remember the origins of and a brooch which is a little damaged, but one of my favorites. A friend said I looked like a schoolgirl. Well, if I had the option of wearing such things in school, they'd be a much happier time,

An experiment I tried, that failed miserably, was using the wind for making an animated gif in which the scarf moved like a wave. Every time I'd stand and wait for the timer to go off, the wind would stop abruptly! And when I'd go to check the photos, it'd start again. I am almost certain it did that on purpose.

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  1. These pictures are great. What are you looking in, a shed?

    Hm, what is art? To me, art is something that appeals to my taste both aesthetically  and emotionally.

  2. Yeah, it's a shed which is much older than me I think :D. It's good to know that art has a clear definition in your mind. I find myself still finding one. I do know that it is a wonderful thing that allows a person to express a lot. :)

  3. weather looked perfect for a munroe :p

  4. Yeah that wouldn't have been too much fun for me, considering the people in Delhi! :P


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