Tales of the book club - Thriller

March 18, 2012

Yes, the multiple-mes will be around for a while. But only one of us attended the monthly book club meet at Kunzum Cafe. It was for the best, since today saw many more friendly faces willing to discuss books. The theme, as I mentioned earlier, was 'thriller'. I chose to talk about one of the many written by Roald Dahl, an author whose work (whether for children or otherwise) I will never tire of reading.

When deciding on a book to read, I miraculously found a big fat book of Roald Dahl short stories lying in a shelf at home. It contained all the stories I wanted to read and many more. For the sake of the discussion, I chose The Landlady. Although it certainly falls in the appropriate genre, one can argue that the plot is not enough to cause much of a thrill since we have now been exposed to much worse. But the enjoyment of reading a book that doesn't really say anything upfront but still creates intrigue far surpasses the in-your-face action.

This particular story is about a young man who travels to a small town for a job. Reaching his destination at night and without a place to stay, he chances upon a bed and breakfast. The landlady of the b&b welcomes him like she knew he was to arrive. It is only after he settles down does he realize that all is not right with the place, especially when he looks at the guest register. Well, I hope I have been mysterious enough. I wouldn't want to disclose the details, because I doubt I'd do justice to the writings and I think it's more enjoyable to read!

Next month's theme is mythologies of the world. It is an attempt to get a glimpse of some other cultures and their beginnings, so it will definitely be interesting.

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  1. oh when I was a child I loved Roal Dahl! never read the one u posted tho!!

  2. The short stories are a must read. And some of them were adapted to short films by Alfred Hitchcock, which make them even more intriguing :)

  3. Oh, I disagree! The landlady is truly haunting and creepy. There is an undercurrent of uneasiness throughout the story.

    See you at the next friendly meetup or before...

  4. I have the same book and have read it sooooo many times that the poor doll has a cracked spine. I love Roald Dahl, no one does twist in the tale like he does. I love the bright orange shirt you have on, so happy and springy :)

  5. Thank you! Much like you, I'm trying to gear up for the season change, as far as outfits are concerned. Here's hoping summer breezes along, pun intended :D


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