There you go, doing what you do

March 08, 2012

Today was Holi, the festival of color in India. It is a day spent trying to get everyone around you as dirty and multicolored as possible. I've never been too fond of it, mostly because I'm allergic to the dry colors. In college, that really didn't stop me but back home I don't feel the excitement of it all. So for me it was a day of some much needed and constantly procrastinated sprucing up of the self, apart from the work I had to do.

The day gave me an opportunity to dress up, which I never really get a chance to do these days. In recognition of the festival I did try to dress a little colorful. I also tried some nail art, the results of which were disastrous and it was removed immediately. I have also been juggling many ideas in my head, regarding work, home as well as a blog; and the relaxed mood of the day allowed me to organize these thoughts a bit. Next step is to complete them!

On a side note, my mum has created a mini rain forest like garden in our front yard and it is absolutely lovely. Now that summer is on its way I hope to see many birds take refuge from the heat out here. 

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