Life on a Big Screen

November 19, 2009

How many of us have NOT pretended like we were a part of a movie, at some time or the other. If you are one of them, you are either boring or unimaginative :) ...
I have seen so many movies now, that I've stated merging the two. Who says life imitates imitates the big screen!
Every time I listen to a song, I imagine it as a background score to some event in my life. Especially if I'm low, then I have a whole list of songs to listen to! And I'm certain I'm not the only one.
We may pass it off as childish or immature, but most of us have thought of ourselves in at least one exaggerated, out-of-this-world, movie scene. Sometimes we may even forget that its our imagination, and have to shake ourselves out of it.
We narrate what we're thinking, what we feel and what we've learnt to ourselves. It seems to put our lives in retrospect, in a way. We imagine some things in our life as reaching an obvious conclusion in the future, even though that might never happen. But we still hope.
I personally, think of my life as a movie all the time. The movie might be extremely dull at times, and I might be the only one sitting in the hall, watching it with a tub of popcorn, waiting for an interval, but I enjoy it. It'd be great if I could watch trailers of other people's lives too.. :D

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