Animal Instinct

January 08, 2010

Man is a social animal. Great emphasis on the word 'animal'. Many of us fail to remember at most times that humans, apart from their highly developed Encephalon (i.e brain) and tendency to wear foreign material on our body, are in fact a species of mammals. So, we cannot blame those of us who choose to live like their less developed buddies in the world.
Such was my thought as I traveled back home after dinner. Next to me on the road I saw a group of men, riding in a car, screaming at the top of their lungs. To me they resembled a group of monkeys, chattering and enjoying picking insects out of each others hide. Disgusted at first by the comparison, I soon realized that these people had actually discovered a primitive way to live their lives. And if the lives of apes intrigued them so much, who are we to tell them they are wrong?
I have also realized, after reading what I have written above, that my thoughts have strayed from being random, and are entering a whole new dimension, which seems to be bordering on low-level insanity!

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  1. I once read a book by an anthropologist who would agree wholeheartedly with your comparison.
    Desmond Morris, I believe was his name, and the book was The Naked Ape, in which he elaborately explained that that's just what we are for the most part--apes that shed their fur and learned to walk upright. A good read, as I recall.


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