New Beginnings (Well...Sort of)

July 15, 2010

I would like to start by conveying my sincere apologies to all my followers. To all those people, who would wake up every morning and jump to the Internet to see if their favorite blogger had updated them about her most recent and random thoughts ( I cannot start to explain how optimistic I am). The reason for my rude absence from the blogging world was that I was starting a new phase in my life. That of a working woman. The only thing is that, though it is a new phase, it is also at the same place I have lived in for 4 years. So one might say, it is a new beginning at an old place.

I must admit it was quite tough at first. The worst part was that a lot of my close friends have left. Many times in the past, I have wondered what that would feel like, and now it has been confirmed that it is a terrible feeling ( I can see the smirks on their faces already). Channeling my dramatic side, I would say that it takes just a tiny prick to burst the extremely comfy bubble that surrounds us, my friends. But then I realize how extremely lame being that dramatic can sound, so I take it back. It isn't that bad. :)

But I guess that's the first step. Realization.

Routine has finally set in. On some days one can even say it has become a little mundane (yes, already). However, I have slowly thought of ways (little things) to make it more interesting. I am also filled with the feeling that I should let things run their course, instead of obsessing about what will happen. So I am doing just that.
I will definitely keep all of you posted about this modified life of mine.
Hope you all have a lovely day, week, month and year. :)

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