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September 17, 2010

There seems to be an overflow of spiritual thoughts these days. Everywhere we go, we run in to them. From social networking sites, to bill boards, even visiting cards. Every one has a saying they heard or read somewhere, which made complete sense to them in a indirect way and they are eager to share it with the rest of us. Now, I can understand how quotations like these can make a person really think and understand spheres of life they would probably have overlooked. One glances upon a long, yet meaningful saying and thinks, 'Hmm...that's true...' But at the end of the day (or rather, the end of the sentence),it really doesn't make much of a difference.

Of course, I am no one to judge, and I completely respect any one's right to try and live a better life by being as spiritual as they can be. And I do admit that even I enjoy reading such things some times. But one must long do such inspirational quotes stay with us? An few minutes mostly. And in other cases, a few hours or even a day. After that, we continue on the way we were, with said quote hidden somewhere in our sub-conscious mind. And that is till we read the next one.

This topic in my head, makes me hold on to it as though it were a chain. Next, it gets me thinking of the people who say things, which go on to flood the written world. To be completely realistic (it helps to deviate from your regular loony self sometimes), I would say that these quotes are thought of by people for three reasons.
The first (and probably the rarest)is when the person truly believes in the topic of his preaching.
The second is when a person wants to release some feel-good thoughts into the world(which is a good thing of course).
The third (and probably the most common one) is when a person wants to be remembered.
We live in a time where, even if we forget which movie or show we were watching, we still remember the dialogues in it. So it makes sense for people to say things, just so that they can be remembered through them.

To think in such terms (i.e to doubt the positive things we see) would be to acknowledge how truly twisted the world is. But then, to be more like my usual self, maybe its not. Maybe its just me. :)

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  1. should I read the quote and read it again till I follow it..

  2. well...i really don't know what you mean to ask...but read what you want as many times as you feel like, buddy! :)


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