Ek Chatur Car...Karke Shringaar ;)

October 18, 2010

I went out with mom the other day. Just as we were dodging the usual traffic, i.e people walking on the road looking anywhere except the front, auto rickshaws which look like they are in search of someone to squash, and riders randomly spitting; there it was! Standing majestically beside a local lemonade seller. Oh and it was fine!

I got a few shots of it on my phone, but nothing can explain how wonderful it was to see the true essence of our films splashed on a car. And to make matters even better, it was an ambassador....a car which brings back numerous fond memories for me.

A few days back, I was reading my horoscope in a random magazine. It said many things which turned out to be true. It said that I would travel. It also said that cash would come into my life, and promptly leave (oh so true!) Then it said, 'For those who look out for love, you find find it in the most unlikely places.'

And so I did...I fell in love with this car :)

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