Whale Explosion (A Blubber Blunder) !

November 13, 2010

The Internet serves many functions, which we are all aware of. So I will not sit down and list them, when I'm actually supposed to be working (granted, I shouldn't be blogging either). But the biggest purpose it serves me, is getting me out of a frump on an otherwise lousy day!

So, as I surfed through my saviour on a usual, dull morning, I found what is called 'The Whale Explosion' and as the name suggests, it was disgusting.

Just to lay the ground work, as many as 200 whales get 'beached' in a year. This means that they come too close to land, and eventually get swept on to it. Most of them die of dehydration, or due to ill health. Its a natural phenomenon, and cannot be blamed on anything in specific.

On 12Th November, 1970, just as such, a sperm whale died on one of the beaches of Florence in Oregon, USA. The officials in charge of cleaning up could not figure out what to do with its carcass. So, they came up with a brilliant plan. "Lets blow it up", they shouted (thinking that the body would just evaporate into the sky along with the blast particles) I really wonder how not one of them thought about how their master plan might have flaws. But they didn't think and ran to get whatever explosives they could get their hands on. And eventually, they blew it up!

As is obvious, they created an even bigger mess to clear, with pieces of blubber flying almost 250 ms! A few pieces even fell on cars and damaged them. To this blunder, the officials then announced, 'Well, at least in the future, when faced with such tasks, even if we do not know what to do; we will definitely know what NOT to do."

Here's a video of the fireworks (or blubber works) that was caught by a very enthusiastic news reporter.

I think it is now very safe to say that the world is made of ALL sorts of people. :D

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