Witchy Love

November 09, 2010

A short piece on a topic given by Writing.com, which was 'A young witch falls in love'

The water in the cauldron had begun to boil. It was the right time to put in the octopus legs and dried lizard tails (with a hint of crushed spiders, just for flavour) to make the soup, according to the recipe. But it kept boiling and evaporating rapidly. In the next room, Sheila sat at her desk day dreaming. She was in charge of dinner tonight, but she was too preoccupied with her thoughts to hear the black cat meowing frantically in the kitchen.

Sheila had always been different. From the time she was able to walk, and was promptly handed her wand, she knew she wasn't like the others. Sure she could caste spells all on her own, and just recently she had received her licence for riding a broomstick. But any witch could do that. She had a quality which put her aside, and made her stick out like a sore thumb in a sea of black, pointy hats. And that was her ability to love unconditionally.

Her parents noticed it from the time she was little. The way she looked after all the white mice she was given (instead of using them for practicing her spells) had deeply concerned them. And when they heard from her school that she refused to turn a fellow student into a toad for spilling her juice, they worried even more. But she had managed, and had learnt all the tasks she needed to, very well indeed.

Now that she was all grown up, they felt it was time for them to find a suitable wizard for her, which they mentioned to her in passing the previous day. And this was the very fact that made her so sad and lost that day.

Now I know what you're thinking; a loving witch as such would be thrilled at the prospect of marriage. But she was not, because she had already met her true love and she knew she would never be able to marry him.

He was a delivery boy. She had taken a fall while riding her broomstick, and that too right into his tiny truck. Since it was Halloween time, he had not questioned her elaborate outfit, and had been a complete gentleman in helping her out. He was short, pale and had teeth sticking out of his mouth, just like the white mice she used to take care of! It was love at first sight.

Since then she had followed him on his route everyday, from quite a high distance to be noticed. She watched him in his brown shorts, as he delivered all the various items on his list as efficiently as he could.

She never tried to meet him, because she knew it was of no use, they'd never be together. So she just sat there at her desk and thought about him. And how he'd never know who she was, how much she loved him, and why any girl he liked from that time onwards, would suddenly look like such a toad. ;)

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