Can't Stop Dancing

February 05, 2011

After a long hibernation, I looked at the prompt on ''. It was
Write a story or poem about someone dealing with something that he or she cannot control
Just for a change, I thought I'd give a poem a shot. Now I am no Emily Dickinson, but I did have fun :). Here it is:

I wake up in the morning light
Contemplate my busy day ahead,
And then to my utmost delight
I dance my way right outta bed

I get ready for office in a rush
Take a bite of toast and a coffee swig
And even though I may be running out
I always have time to do a little jig

All day I sit at my desk and work
Never getting a chance to leave my seat
But there’s always a song stuck in my head
And the music makes me tap my feet

It’s something I just can’t control
Believe me; I would if I had a chance
It doesn’t matter if I’m happy or sad
Or grumpy or sleepy, I must dance

It’s not a particular form that I pursue
Just a random movement to a certain rhythm
People may stop and stare, or call me a freak
But I just do a little boogie and happily ignore 'em :D

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