Five Things You May Not Know About Me

May 18, 2011

Inspired by the idea that people today have overlooked the basic concept of 'getting to know others', I was wondering what I would say were the five things that a distant friend would not know about me. Here they are:

1. I am obsessed with my weight. Yes, I am one of THOSE people. Growing up, I used to be on the chubby side. The same was true when I entered college. The first year of college was spent sampling all the delicious cuisines of the new area (Pune, India). This certainly didn't help my situation. So, by the end of the first year, me and a very good friend of mine decided to join the college gym. It took both of us three years to lose all our baby fat, but we did it. Since then, my biggest fear is getting it all back!

2. I may be a Leo, but I'm a closet Pisces. Whenever some one has asked me my sun sign in the past, I have told them and they have proceeded to respond in the same way. A look of slight confusion, a repeat of what I said (Oh, Leo?) and the words 'You don't seem like one.' It's true, I may be born under the sign, but I mostly have the qualities of a Pisces (quiet,a little lost,random....) It's not a problem, I get to celebrate two birthdays then, don't I?

3. I really enjoy fashion blogs. I can easily call myself uneducated when it comes to fashion, and I don't take a lot of effort to look good when I leave the house, but I do enjoy blogs where people put up pictures of what they wore. These people are from all around the world, and wear all kinds of wacky combinations in every day outfits. It is very interesting!

4. I can have anything with peanut butter. My favourite breakfast spread is dosas with peanut butter. I also have it with biscuits, chips and parathas. Fun fact: Peanut butter is awesome. (And even though I love peanut butter so much, I don't like plain peanuts. Weird.)

5. I am shit scared of ghosts. I do enjoy a good scary movie from time to time, but if it really freaks me out (which in most cases it does), you will find me clutching the pillow, closing my eyes and muttering 'I don't want to see any ghosts' many, many times. I will then proceed to sleep with the lights on.

I'm sure everyone has such things about themselves. Noting them down turned out to be quite fun, so I would urge you all to try the same.

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  1. Hey Priya,
    Read your article and found it interesting too so here i am with my first comment on this website (or I should rather say first ever comment online )Though i am not really an interesting sort of person but let me give it a shot.
    Hmm... Five things About me
    1.I am Pisces a perfect one its both my sun sign and Moon sign (by name)so i would agree with you that yes i m Lost and Random but Quiet (Nah...)
    2. Love Hanging Out : I am not really a person who would explore new places and am not much fond of it either but yes for me Company Matters much more than the place so i love hanging out with friends whenever get the chance.
    3. Instead of saying i am a foodie let me simplify it by saying i am a Punjabi,in fact if one would take a sample from my Veins you would find more Lassi and Paranthas than Blood.
    4.I am sciencee of different kind: I mean if you would have ever seen me in college or school you would have agreed with me, i can never fit with my classmates everybody was so intelligent but all i could manage was passing marks so me a sciencee who used to spend 80% time in cafetaria:):)
    5. I admire Creativity a lo..t : May be that's y i m writing this post bcz i like your creative thinking ,i like shruti being a photographer than some IT geek and i am a big fan of malini and her dance.

  2. Hey Dewank! Glad to know some things about you...and keep reading the blog coz it feels great when I know people are keeping track :)

    And as I mentioned earlier, since you admire creativity, you will find something that interests you as well....just keep looking.


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