A much-needed break from routine

August 22, 2011

Ever since I have started working as a freelancer, I have found that this choice is sometimes synonymous to being a recluse. I find myself stuck in my house, staring at the laptop for days on end. The idea of going out cannot enter the mind till the job is done, and unfortunately as fate may have it, the job is never done!

So the fact that I was given the opportunity by my kind parents to join them on their trip to the land of the yanks was received in the obvious jubilant manner. Since that time, I have looked forward to this trip, maybe even given it a little too much importance in my head. Subconsciously, it is a chance for me to let loose and be the clumsy-and-lost fool that lives trapped inside me right now (Creepy, I know)

After all the anticipation, that day arrives in a little more than a week. Out of the many plans I have made, one important one is to document the trip in a manner that really excites me - in a journal with a mixture of sketches and words. That's right; the first of hopefully many travel journals. Before starting the journey, it is customary to map out the itinerary, so here is where all I will be going.

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