Experiments with Healthy Living

September 15, 2014

On most days, I join the crowds of you out there who ignore any articles on health. This is not because I disagree with them, or am against them in any way. To the contrary, each evening I resolve to be healthier the next day. Whether this happens or not is a different topic of discussion altogether. The reason I don't like such articles is that they make everything look so easy. They're bursting with the positivity of living a healthy life, but fail to mention how one must kick oneself on the bum to get started.

While in New York, I was doing a good job with the 'being healthy' bit. I was training for half marathons, eating healthy and sleeping the right amount. Then came a job, and lack of time, and every other such reason one gives oneself when the alarm goes off in the morning. But now the time has come to be more proactive.

How am I being healthier now, you ask? Well, one such way has been purchasing a blender (which was just two days back. Look at me bragging!) I have been using it, of course. Today, I made myself a green smoothie, which contained spinach, pineapple, green apple and orange juice. Try it, it's easy. And you can barely taste the spinach.

(I got, and modified this recipe here.)

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  1. I know all about this. I'm always procrastinating and putting (health) things off. I've wanted a blender since I was a kid, way before I even knew what green juices were.

    All the best with your health goals.

    Love the illustrations.


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