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November 03, 2015

This weekend, I visited Puttur (a town near Mangalore) after 9 years. Puttur is where my family comes from, and where some family stays still. I hadn't been there since before I began college, and my mum and aunt visiting this year seemed like the perfect opportunity to go back.

Puttur is a quaint little town where everyone knows each other. And traveling back this time, I was happy to find that some things never change. The shops, houses (including my grand mum's home) and people look just like they did 9 years back, as though frozen in time. The streets may be wider and the shops newer; but the vibe of the place is the same. I spent my time there with grand mum, listening to old stories and new, and leafing through old photographs. It was very nice.

Visiting Puttur is the first thing I cross off my list of things to do before turning 28 (!). If you've been following this blog for a while (and I hope you have), you'll know that every year I make a list of things I'd like to do before my next birthday. Usually it has a number (26 before 26, anyone?) but this year I could barely think of 15 things. I blame my lack of creative thinking. So, to make things easier for myself, I've made it a general list that I can add to, but can't subtract from. Seems fair, no?

Here's a link to my list, incase you don't spot it in the top navigation. It is also an opportunity for you all to make your own lists.

So, what would you put on your list?

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