Monday Motivation #1

July 16, 2018

Hello there!

I've been sitting at this laptop, wondering what to write about. Mondays can be pretty disheartening, and quite relentless in returning. However, from what I have read/heard, the best way to take your mind off the focusing on the positive (who could have guessed it!)

Today, I focus on the little things that make me happy. This past weekend, I got to spend the day with my friends' pet (who we love like our own). It was a wonderful day, and I realize how happy I am around dogs. I look around my home and see plant-friends I have collected over the past year. They give me some semblance of nature around me, which fills me with joy. I look out of the window and see birds sitting and enjoying moments before the rain. It's all so pretty.

To get to the point; it feels good to have actual flora and fauna around you when you're actually living in a concrete jungle. This is my Monday Motivation #1.

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