I'm back

June 20, 2010

It has been a really long time, and I apologize to all that follow me (which has gone up...hallelujah!) For a long time, I have felt completely blank on the writing front. However, the other day, I was welcomed to my gmail account with a mail promoting god-knows-what. I did'nt read the whole mail, just the first line. However, this line helped pull me out of the fuzziness. It read, 'Hi Priya! Need inspiration?' YES! Thats exactly what I need, is what I shouted out in my head.

I did'nt really find true inspiration, but the line did get me thinking. Being random is never easy folks, and then after that, gathering your thoughts and coming up with something concrete can be ever tougher than the former task!

So, this post is to inform all....that I am back. And thanks to the lovely people who send us unnecessary emails, I will be writing down my random thoughts very soon!

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