The 'Seinfeld' Theory

June 22, 2010

Being at home and having a lack of anything productive to do, I find myself watching a lot of Seinfeld episodes. The USP of the show is that its a show about nothing. However, one can find all sorts of things happening in it. Maybe that's what I like most about it, the fact that the word 'nothing' is so loaded. Its like saying you're blank when you have a lot of random thoughts squirming about in your head, so many that you can't concentrate on one.

Also, watching all the numerous episodes made me think a little like Jerry Seinfeld. Like...
Whats the deal with people using temperature to describe someone? 'He's a very warm person.'....'She can be very cold'....'You're quite cool'...etc etc....I don't hear anyone saying 'Its a very mean day today'...or...'Wait a while. The food has to calm down.' (Of course what I think isn't funny, I'm no comedian!)

I also enjoy how the show makes fun of anything bad that happens to a person. May it be some one's car being stolen, to someone else dying; there is nothing on the show which cannot be manipulated to lend us a few laughs.

Well, I realize I have been ranting about how great the show is, so I will stop. But I do recommend it for people who have 'nothing' to do.

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  1. What's this post about anyway?! ;-D

    Actually, I think your Seinfeld-ish jokes are pretty good. As for performing them, they say timing is everything... I pictured Jerry doing them, made me chuckle!


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