Plans...and the lack of execution.

June 22, 2011

I am a self proclaimed planner of my own life. In fact, I have taken on this role so seriously that on an almost daily basis, I think of something else I really should be doing. Whether it be tiny little things like trying to get up earlier in the morning (I like to think I work in a different time zone, which is why my timings correspond to that) and following a daily diet to more long term ones like what I want to do in life (yes, that too changes on a daily basis); I have found myself making new goals for myself regularly. One such day as I was reading random articles, I found a piece on how we should never reveal our plans to anyone, otherwise we never do it. Tried it. Didn't work.

As I hung my head down in shame and nodded disapprovingly at my habits, I got to the next part that said that most people make many plans and most of those are not executed. So, I'm not alone! It's true, I guess. We all make plans that somehow don't happen. We think of wonderful trips with friends that leave our heads the moment a new topic is brought up. We decide to start a hobby we had kept on the shelf for years, start said hobby, and proceed to make excuses for how we can't keep up with it. We make statements about how our lives will be in the near future, but secretly get dissuaded by our fear of failure.

I wonder, why do we all plan so much? The closest answer I can think of the fact that the future, near or distant, is largely unknown to us. Sure, we have our routines. But we are also aware of the fact that tomorrow is what we make of it. The thought of the freedom to do what we want leaves us with wanting to plan it. The truth is that there's no solution to our predicament. It is in our nature to do so, and we will continue.

I hate to end this thought on such a inconclusive note, but then again, there is some appeal in the unknown, right?

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