So true....

June 01, 2011

The recent days have seen me doing some random sketching. I have also been reading a wonderful ebook, called 'Hey Whipple, Squeeze This!' by Luke Sullivan which talks about copy writing for the ad world. In it, the author mentions a quote by the novelist Isaac Singer, which inspired the sketch.

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  1. Aha! Well at first of course I thought, "cuppa," but then looked closer. I guess that would be because it hides all our failures?

    Nice sketch. More?

  2. Thanks! More doodles coming soon!

    The quote which inspired this one was 'A waste paper basket is a writer's best friend'. What I understood by it is that a writer must have many failures, before reaching a point of success. We all have our interpretation of it, I guess. Yours also holds true. :)


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