Last weekend in NYC :: Friday

January 02, 2014

A very Happy New Year to you all! I wish I had a post lined up to commemorate the year that passed and to welcome the new one ahead, but thanks to my delay in posting, this humble blog is still in 2013. Nothing to fret about, this is still interesting stuff (well, to me at least).

Last weekend was my last weekend in the city. Although I was pretty sad about that, we had some fun things planned out, so it was definitely bitter-sweet. Our cousin told us about the Morgan Library, a museum that houses the largest collection of rare books and bindings I will ever see. Probably. It has free admissions on Friday evenings (7pm - 9pm), so we decided to go check it out.

Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol :: Original Manuscript

I was particularly excited to see the original manuscript of Charles Dickens', A Christmas Carol, which is exhibited every year at this time. I stood and stared at it for a while, at all the crossed out words and corrections. It was a very surreal experience. The museum also had many original works of other writers and poets, including Edgar Allen Poe (who has a whole exhibition area dedicated to his work). I loved looking at the words written by such great literary folk on paper; so tangible, so precious and so fragile.

The Morgan Library also qualified as a new place in the city, so take that 26 before 26! I got a few more things done from that list this weekend (and before), so more interesting posts to come.

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