Looks like curly's getting creative on Etsy!

March 06, 2013

Well isn't this a pleasant surprise. Just a few days after setting up my Big Cartel shop, I got impulsive and set up an Etsy shop. The decision to own an Etsy shop wasn't impulsive; I have been working towards it for a while. But I kept putting it off, or adding things I should do before opening it. Then today, after a couple of not-so-ideal days, I was longing for something positive to focus on. So I got to it, and here it is!

Well, what're you still doing here, go check out curlygetscreative!

P.S: The shop button on the top navigation now points to my Etsy shop, mostly because I have more work up there.

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  1. We like it when Curly gets creative! all of the best to you, Priya.

  2. such great illustrations...im a fan :)
    just saw ur etsy store...congratulations and all the best..im ur newest follower :)

  3. Welcome to my blog, Abhi! I'm so glad you're here! :D


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