Circuses, who needs them?

March 21, 2013

The other day I was passing by Barclay Center, and turns out the Ringling Bros. Circus is in town. How I came to know this was not by the posters of the event, but by the large gathering of protestors outside the arena. PETA activists were in full form, and making the facts very clear. There were men, women and children, all holding signs and shouting slogans protesting the circus. I stopped and talked to one of the ladies distributing pamphlets, and she told me how people in the circus came forward with facts and pictures of how animals are mistreated. And it's true, if you were to see the images (that were also printed on many signs the protestors were holding), you wouldn't ever want to go. You can learn more about animals in circuses here.

I can't see how, in this day and age, people can still do such terrible things and live with themselves. The lack of compassion is shocking. The talk of mistreating animals in circuses made my mind drift to animal testing. Some time back, I was shocked to learn that most leading cosmetic brands still test products on animals. Since then, I've tried to stick to cruelty-free products. Its been tough, but possible. To help you out, most cruelty-free brands always have a disclaimer saying that their products are not tested on animals. Recently, animal testing was banned in the European Union. A great step, that will hopefully spread all over the world. If you want to know if the products you use are cruelty-free, you can check here.

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  1. While there is bound to be some abuse in the world of circus animals, PETA also has a tendency to overstate the issue. The fact is the people who work with animals in circus live and work with those animals every single day, and many if not most have very loving relationships with them. Their livelihoods depend on those animals, and they have a pretty big stake in keeping them alive and happy.

    That doesn't mean that the animals should be used for our entrainment, or that it is okay to take exotic animals out of their environment, or that out dated training techniques are still rampant in the circus world... and I personally think circus is far better without animals! I'd definitely prefer they be taken out of the scene altogether. I'm just wary of propaganda that doesn't take into account the fact that it is a very complicated issue with a lot more sides than just, "Every circus abuses it's animals and whips them and stuffs them into tiny cages where they starve to death." These things definitely -do- happen, but it's also unfair to condemn all of the people who work with these animals without understanding that they also have a story to tell.

    I do think it is an important topic to discuss, though, and way to go for bringing it to people's attention!

  2. great post!

  3. Stephanie, I understand what you're saying and ofcouse, it wouldn't be right to generalize anything. I'm sure the stories aren't as one-sided as they're sometimes projected to be. But yes, the whole idea of using animals for entertainment is wrong. They deserve much better.


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