Five motivational songs to listen to while running

March 14, 2013

The big day is coming close and I won't lie, I'm really nervous. I often have negative thoughts. Like will I be able to finish in time? What if I can't finish at all? Or what if I don't wake up in time and miss it all together?! Then I take a few deep breaths, and tell myself to relax. In the end, I know my body will try it's best to deal with the exhaustion I'll put it through, and that's all I can ask for. I think the anticipation of the event is more nerve-wracking than the event itself.

Anyway, I find certain songs always help when I doubt myself. I mostly have them randomly placed in playlists I listen to while running.

1. Eye of the Tiger, by Survivor: Come on, talk about an oldie but goodie. Ever since we saw Sylvester Stallone move to this song, we've associated it with training to achieve a goal. The song has since been used in countless movies, shows and events. So there's obviously some power there, right? Right.

2. Let's Get It Started, by The Black Eyed Peas: This song is, with a lack of a better word to describe it, lively. And the lyrics repeatedly tell you to keep running, running. If that can't motivate you, what will?

3. Someday, by Flipsyde: This might not be a song one listens to a lot (or maybe it is, I can't be sure), but it works for me. Back in Delhi, whenever the running bug would bite me, this would be one of the songs I'd listen to. I'd imagine myself running past the finish line of a race, with crowds cheering me on. All in slow motion of course.

4. Dirty Little Freaks, by Pink: I loved the video of this song (especially the part with the bull), and I always imagine it when I hear it. Also, I like the pace of the song. I find it compliments my running pace well.

5. We Are The Champions, by Queen: Another oldie but goodie. Granted this is a slower song, but who doesn't get a blast of motivation when Freddie Mercury starts off the chorus with great gusto?

Well, my playlist goes much beyond these five songs, but these are the ones that motivate me the most. I'm currently looking for more songs to add to my list, so suggestion are welcome. As always.

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  1. These songs are all great for motivation while running.

  2. Any suggestions for additions to this list are always welcome :)

  3. Great list - I have all of them on my run playlist. Here's some of my other favorite songs to run to:
    1. Eminem - Till I Collapse and Lose Yourself
    2. Pitbull - Feel This Moment (actually anything by Pitbull)
    3. This might sound a little weird but Halkat Jawani and Tu Mera Hero are also fun to run to!

  4. Oh awesome! I'm going to put all those songs on my list. And you're right, the last few would also be fun to listen to. Thanks! :D


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