A week in photos

March 03, 2013

Monday: New day, old shoes. But man do I love them. Monday was a day of work and classes. Not very fun, but productive so no complains.

Tuesday: Took some pictures of the most beautiful church, very close to my place. In the course of this photography session, I met an old lady who invited me to attend a tour of the church. Unfortunately, my class schedule didn't allow it.

Wednesday: The day of the run! The Met was the most troubling part of the route; there were so many people and food vendors, and the entire place was enveloped with the smell of fried food. Not good when you're trying to focus on running.

Thursday: I attended a very informative seminar at college. We got tips on self branding, and how to make more contacts. I also got to meet some of the alumni, and got a better idea of the field I'm pursuing.

Friday: Someone was giving away free hugs on valentine's day, and I missed it! Damn.

Have a good week, y'all!

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  1. Your shoes are so cute! As far as the church tour in concerned I think you should hang around there on a day you're not on a tight schedule, who know, lightning might strike twice and you might get totake the tour after all...

  2. Good idea! I really need to take that tour.

  3. D'aw free hugs on Valentines day is the cutest idea! I'd take them up on it and I'm not even single! :)

    E x

  4. Unfortunately I missed it. Maybe next time :)


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