#17. Run all the way around Central Park. Done.

February 27, 2013

I did it; I ran all the way around Central Park. And I feel great. If a year back, you'd told me I'd do this, I'd have smiled awkwardly and walked away because I'd think you were crazy! Central Park has always seemed like this vast expanse that would be difficult to conquer. In the past when I'd think of what it would be like to live in this city, I'd always picture myself running around Central Park. So, I put it on my 25 before 25 list recently (I had 'Go trekking' and 'Climb a mountain', which seemed a little redundant). My recent proximity to it, and the upcoming half marathon were reasons enough to go on and just do it already!

I began my run at Columbus Circle. The first landmark I saw was the Trump Tower, with the giant globe right outside. Call me a sucker, but I couldn't help feel excited. I thought of all the people who'd taken the route I was going to take, and the numerous aspirations they may have formed as they saw what I was going to see. No marks for guessing that I was pretty happy.

What I looked forward to spotting most on my route was The Dakota, the infamous residence of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. The entrance was also where he met his end, after being shot by Mark David Chapman. I stopped and spent a few minutes staring at the building. As can be seen, it was a pretty popular place to get a photo clicked. I waited for the over enthusiastic girls to be done with their never ending photo shoot. Eventually, I stopped waiting.

Running around, I saw many museums. Some were new to me, some I'd heard of but hadn't visited, and some I had. I must say, the Guggenheim Museum building is not very aesthetically pleasing.

Even when there was nothing to see, there was something to see. The buildings were all mostly old, and so beautiful. They had doormen in uniforms helping residents get a cab. The cutest dogs were going for walks. People were strolling along, smiling as I passed by. The park, although sparsely filled with people, looked very inviting. It was the perfect route.

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  1. Oh wow I would love to visit the Guggenheim museum, did you go inside?

  2. Oh you actually ran on the perimeter of the park and not on the running path within the park? Either way, it's hilly, isn't it? Well done!

  3. YAY! Beautiful photographs, beautiful city and congratulations on crossing yet another item off of the list. It must have felt great! To think were this a year and a half ago you would have been sure to run into a Gossip Girl set... *stares into space wistfully*

  4. Hi Blythe, Nice to see you visiting my blog! I didn't go in this time; had to stick to my route and wanted to complete it in good time. But I do want to visit it soon.

  5. Pia, yeah I ran the perimeter. Thank you! It certainly had some slopes but I was distracted most of the time, which was a good thing.

  6. Thanks Nomali! It did feel great. And hopefully there will be some other show getting made somewhere in the vicinity and I can witness it. :D


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