The mouse that ran away

February 26, 2013

If you're reading this, you probably notice that the blog's looking a bit different. Well, I didn't intend to change the design right now, but as fate may have it, I had to. I was tweaking bits of the blog when my mouse ran away from me and clicked a strategically placed 'Apply to Blog' button. This applied one of the basic blog templates. To add insult to injury, this basic template had a bright cherry red background, for the entire page! I was appropriately freaked out, also because I failed to save the template I was using.

Thankfully, I had my previous template stored away for just such a rainy day. I made some changes (including adding links below the header, like an instructor suggested the other day) and now we're back in action. The layout is obviously busy, so I need to make many more changes, but I've recovered from the cherry red, so that's good for now.

*Update* Much better!

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