Accents gotta give

February 14, 2013

Some time back, I'd read about how call center employees in India are trained to talk with an American accent (how well they pick up this skill is a topic for another discussion). I wondered how necessary this was; if a person can speak clear English, how tough can it be to understand him or her? Well, my question has been answered many times since I've come here. The most recent was in college, when the lab monitor probably heard all the words that rhymed with the one I was saying. To be fair, she did eventually understand me, and was very helpful. But I can't let the opportunity to document Curly's reaction go, can I? You can see her other appearances on this blog, here.

It's gotten to the point where instead of being able to pull off an American accent, I feel like my Indian accent gets more intense anytime I converse with someone. It's safe to say this is going to take me a while.

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  1. Curly is too adorable! I understand what you mean. The more someone says "huh?" the less clear I become, it seems. I also get tongue-tied.

  2. Yeah! It happens to me all the time. And I really can't pull of an American accent. Sigh.

  3. While I gradually had become better at this, they thought I said 2 every time I said 3. How can they even sound similar?

  4. Haha I know! Happens to me all the time! :D


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