He who must always be named

February 26, 2013

Even when the work piles on, Curly knows how to remind me of what's really important; making fun of the people around you. I kid, and it's never meant to offend anyone. So how can I resist it?

This comic strip was inspired by a girl I meet, not too often, who always finds some way to mention her boyfriend. I could be talking about space and supernovas; somehow her boyfriend would find a way into that scenario. It's like a game now to predict when that word will be used in our conversation. Can't say it's not entertaining.

You can see more of Curly here.

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  1. Ahahahahahahaha! Gotta love Curly. Even more so now that's she's made a Harry Potter reference. This must what the boyfriend brag sounds like... great strip.

    PS sorry about runaway mouse, tried to comment on that yesterday but the comment form wasn't working right. But I'm glad to see that everything is back on track :D

  2. Hello! Curly always finds herself in such situations. But it's entertaining, so she isn't complaining.

    Thanks, there are some glitches that must be worked on, which is probably why the comment form was misbehaving.

  3. Ha, love this! I know someone like this too...


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