A week in photos

March 09, 2013

I won't lie; it hasn't been the best week. Without getting into details, I'll just say that there are certain situations in which one cannot find a silver lining. But one can still be hopeful, and carry on (there's always next week). So that's what I'm doing. Here are some highlights of the week that was:

I began working on an illustration inspired by Old Delhi. I've only really explored it once last year; it's an artist or photographer's inspiration paradise. Love it or hate it; the place has a strong personality. I'm hoping to capture just a bit of it in my illustration.

I finally visited MoMa, and saw some wonderful art. Later in the week, one of my professors, and then a friend in college told me about two other exhibits I should visit there. So I have more to look forward to!

Right when the weather was getting better, it began snowing. And the very next day, it was really pleasant. Dear weather gods, I'm sure it's fun confusing us. But enough already!

Today, I attended a craft seminar at a public library. I was terrible at it. Lesson learnt: Crochet is not my thing. But it was fun, and I met some really interesting people, so no complaints.

Have a good week, y'all!

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  1. I went for tart baking classes! Oh, man! I can tell you that rolling dough can be very therapeutic. I would have sucked at crochet too. They used to make us sew and stitch and what not in school. Sigh.

    P.s. You comments always make me grin

  2. Your illustration came out so well!

  3. It's good to see you here, Karishma. And yes, I love your blog, and how much fun you have with outfits!

  4. Thanks Sherin, I can't wait to share the finished illustration! :)

  5. LOL! I think I'd get annoyed of snow quickly. The beads remind me of something I learnt from my uncle's old girlfriend. More like something I learnt and forgot. Your illustration came out beautifully.

  6. Haha yes I've had enough of snow. And thanks!

  7. ha! Your picture of the bead crochet looks just like mine. I didn't get the hang of it either, but I do want to try it again. So nice to meet you at the Crafternoon!

  8. Yeah I could give it another shot too, I guess. And yes, it was lovely to meet you!


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