5 reasons why everyone should blog

March 01, 2013

Recently at a seminar, our instructor mentioned how we are psychologically drawn to information that's arranged numerically. For example, if I were to simply write a large paragraph on blogging, you'd probably skim through it, no? But if I arrange it numerically, you'll read the points and maybe more. Smart, huh? I figure I should put it to good use. I don't remember where I read or heard it, but it went something like this: If you can find five good reasons to do something, you should do it. So, here are five reasons why everyone should blog.

1. You're the boss: The best part of blogging, if you ask me, is the freedom to blog about anything. People can read it if they want, and if not, then too bad. It's your creative outlet, something ever the left-brain-users among us need.

2. You do interesting things: I've done some very interesting things, mostly by telling myself that I'd be able to blog about it. The natural instinct to be lazy is hard to shake off, and your blog forces you to get over it.

3. You talk, and everyone listens: When you do something new, or find something intriguing, there's a certain joy in sharing your thoughts and experiences. A blog is perfect for that. You have an audience, and guess what, it's the entire world!

4. You're relevant: You're there, being a part of the internet world; you're contributing to that vast expanse and in return, it's giving you a means to establish an identity. People see your blog and know who you are, and that's powerful.

5. You meet people: Blogging is also a good way to meet people with similar interests. You follow different blogs, and other bloggers follow you. You share ideas, talk about different things, and soon you know people from all around the world.

Happy March, everyone!

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  1. I love blogging. I agree with all these reasons!

  2. Hi Sherin, it's so good to see you here! :D

    I'm glad you agree, I'm hoping to inspire more people. Blogging has really changed my life.

  3. amen to all of these! I feel like some people just don't "get" what blogging is all about. But to those who do, I'm grateful! haha. :)\

    xo, samantha

  4. Hi Samantha, Good to see you here! :)


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