26 before 26

Here's the list of things I'd like to do before turning twenty six:

1. Write a short story
2. Take Curly Gets Creative to India
3. Travel around the city on a cycle

4. Run across the Brooklyn Bridge
5. Work at an animal shelter
I got to work with Red Paws Rescue, an organization in Delhi. Read all about it here.

6. Visit a meditation ashram
7. Illustrate Indian cities
8. Go kayaking
9. Visit 5 new places
Las Vegas | Hoover Dam | Grand Canyon

10. Run in multiple events (which could include half marathons, or less)
Frozen Bonsai Half Marathon

11. Illustrate a story
12. Design and print visiting cards
13. Visit Valley of Flowers, and Roopkund lake maybe
14. Bring Facebook page viewership up to 300 (at least!)
15. Explore 5 new places in New York
Greenpoint, Brooklyn | Governor's Island | Morgan Library | The Jewish Museum

16. Visit a wildlife reserve
17. Learn sign language
18. (Re)learn the violin, which loosely translates to 'Go beyond playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars'
19. Try at least one new thing each month
August (many!)| September (Cycling around the city)| October (halloween parade in NYC) | November (gambling) | December (midnight mass)

20. Paint some graffiti
21. Read 26 books
22. Go skiing
23. Learn a dance form
24. Create my own font
25. Make a video of the city (Thanks, Nomali!)
26. Make and distribute a zine