26 before 26 :: Circling around Governor's Island

September 12, 2013

I woke up feeling extremely lazy last Sunday. You could say that's a given on the official day of rest, but this time I could really feel it. I contemplated just getting over the feeling, and setting up a marathon viewing of some show or the other. But then a voice in my head said, 'Go out! Get some fresh air!' The voice sounded an awful lot like mum and dad talking in unison. Just saying.

So out I went, with my pal Slartibartfast. I figured I might as well do some exploring, so off we went to Governor's Island. Every weekend, free ferry rides are offered to the island and back, and we made it for one in the early evening. As can be expected, it was all very well organized and comfortable.

When you step on the island (and get over the slight dizziness from the five minute travel), there's only one direction you can go. This is because a large portion of the island is cut off from the public. So actually, you can roam around only about half of the entire land mass. I'll take it, I said, and started riding along the coast.

Sometimes, I'd stop to take pictures of the buildings. They all looked so charming, like the sorts one would imagine in the classics. The coast didn't disappoint either; at one point I got a lovely view of Manhattan and the bridges. At another, I saw the Statue of Liberty. I'd stop, stare, then carry on.

I probably traveled on all the accessible roads of the island, and was done in a little less than an hour. It was such a treat to ride around roads with no other traffic except other fellow riders, and people strolling. That, accompanied by the pretty views and cool breeze gave me great joy. I contemplated getting a drink, but 7 dollars for a coffee? Are you kidding me? It was getting a little late, and I didn't want to wait for the last ferry (which leaves around 7pm) so I called it an evening and headed back.

So, that's one more place in New York I got to explore. 26 before 26 list, I will complete you.

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