Three things this Thursday

September 12, 2013

It's been a while, but here are three things I came across this past week.

So off late, I've been reading Humans of New York a lot. Each documented person is unique, and the write-up is always delightful. Maybe, just maybe, he'll write something about me.

The other day, I was feeling pretty low. Now when I'm having a bad day, there are some things I usually do that make me feel better. I go for a walk, I listen to music and when all fails, there are always snacks. This time, this video got me out of my funk. I love this song, and hadn't heard it in the longest time. Also, the animated horse is adorable.

NASA's Voyager 1 is the first man-made object to journey into interstellar space. Say what! You can read all about it here. Believe me, you want to read about it. It's pretty cool.

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