26 before 26 : Work for an animal shelter

December 19, 2013

To be honest, when I put working for an animal shelter on my list, I meant to work there physically, helping out with the animals (and playing with them of course). But other things always preceded this desire, and it never happened. Then I thought, if I can't be there, I can do the next best thing. So a few months back, I contacted an animal shelter in Delhi that I'd heard of, and offered my design services.

Red Paws Rescue is an organization started by a seventeen year old girl, who wanted to take care of our four legged friends. It has since grown, and works in the field of animal rescue and rehabilitation in Delhi. They have one motto: Adopt, don't shop.

I contacted them at a good time, because they were looking for someone to design their calendar for 2014. They also needed other merchandize to sell to raise money for the animals. I was more than happy to help! Apart from the calendar, I designed a notebook for them. These items and more are now on sale, and the proceeds go towards the welfare of the animals.

You can take a look at their online shop here.

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