Vegas, baby!

December 24, 2013

You know your sister is pretty awesome when she takes you to Vegas for Thanksgiving! So yes, we didn't celebrate the festival the traditional way (although we did eat a lot of food to address the holiday) but we did have a great time, for which I'm thankful. See how I made that all link up?

We were aware before getting there that the strip was where all the fun stuff happened, so we made sure to stay on it, since we didn't have a vehicle. We opted for one of the less expensive hotels, since we spent most of our time roaming around. Our reasoning proved to be quite right.

Vegas (and by that I mean the flashy, tourist oriented parts) is an odd place indeed. I came to realize that when we entered our hotel, which was in the shape of a castle, and looked to the surroundings to see the sphinx and a pyramid on one side, and the statue of liberty on the other. Further exploration of the strip revealed the Eiffel Tower, elaborate dancing fountains (that I could stand and watch all day!), a volcano and a circus. It became clear why people lost touch with reality here. But being constantly curious as I am, I enjoyed it.

We didn't gamble a whole lot (me because I'm pretty much broke to begin with), but everyday we'd try our luck and end up losing. However, on the very last day, we had a moment of luck and made back all our lost money from the previous days! This is when we knew we were done gambling. Stop when you're ahead folks, or atleast when you're not behind.

We also visited the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon (tales for other blog posts). I'm also happy to say that the trip can be marked in my 26 before 26 list! Take a look here.

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