Insanity, you are me.....

March 03, 2010

In recent days, I find myself going slowly but surely insane. Since many people out there do not know what that feels like, I felt it my duty to enlighten them. Hence the post.

It all starts with something, seemingly harmless, yet potentially devastating. And that little bomb in the shape of an apple, is a thought. A thought about anything at all, followed by another thought, and leading to a series of thoughts, which in the end have nothing to do with the first one.

The next dangerous thing is imagination. Its like a gun pointed to the head, waiting to get its trigger pulled. And then....kaboom! All the things you can imagine, you do, and this state combined with the fact that you think way too much, takes you closer to being mentally unstable.

That is where I have reached now. Will keep you updated about what the next stage will be. :)

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  1. An Advaita teacher who had a blog to help seekers, for a while, once described something similar to your situation as a spiritual "head-cold." Ahhh...I can't remember what advice he gave, but his website is still up, even though he gave up the blog, so maybe over there you can find some info to help you "decongest" before you get too crazy!? ;-) HERE's a link.


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