Quest for an Interest

March 20, 2010

I have realized after a lot of thought (I lie, my friend hounded me into realizing) that I have no special interest. For example, my friend is really interested in make up. So much so, that she has decided to make a career out of it. Another friend has recently taken up photography as an interest, and even though he hasn't made it a career choice yet, it gives him one more thing to do in the future.
Here I sit on my bed and rack my brain to come up with something. And I sit quite blank.
There was a time I was really interested in art movements. And that made me want to start painting. But it never happened.
Then, I thought of learning yoga, as I always enjoyed it. I did learn it to some extent. Then I stopped.
I decided to join an NGO for animals, and learn to deal with situations relating to how to help them. But I didn't.
I tried to dance, but unfortunately, my body doesn't seem to be in sync with my mind. So that's out.
I have done a whole lot of things in the process of finding something to like. So in a way, I have a lot to put in my list of 'I have tried...' But unfortunately for me, nothing has stuck on.
Maybe my interest should be finding a hobby.

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  1. find a hobby soon... though it seems that it is writing.


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