March 11, 2010

Its weird how we forget seemingly important things of the past, like birthdays, or meeting someone, and remember parts of days, which seem completely arbitrary. While reading someone's blog, I came across a post ' My earliest memory'. This got me thinking, and after wondering for a while I could remember mine.
Now even though I'm not very sure about if the memory is my earliest, I do know I was very young at the time.
My cousin brother, who is 3 years older than I, would come over to my place, to spend the night. We would then wake up early in the morning, and take out bikes out around the neighborhood. We would first go to the nearby grocery shop, and buy as much bread and biscuits we could afford from the cash in our money-box. Then we would go around feeding all the stray dogs we could find! After doing that, we would play hide and seek, or have a race, or play some other game, to celebrate the success of our tasks.
Its comforting to know I was capable of finding joy in such things, because that means I might still be capable of it. Growing up and interacting with the world has made me forget the child I used to be, as has happened with most of us.
A friend of mine once said, 'The worst thing a person can do is grow up.' I don't know the originality of that sentence, sounds like something Hans Christian Anderson would say, but it made a lot of sense.
Here's hoping we can all be children once again.

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