April 07, 2010

I finally submitted the story I was writing for a short story competition. I had to complete a written piece within the word limit, keeping certain criteria in mind (meaning I had to try really hard not to be random!)

Writing this story reminded me of all the stories I had started writing in the past, and never completed.
Like the one about mammoths( I really don't know what I was thinking when I started with that story). After writing the first chapter, I realized two things. First, I know nothing about mammoths. And second, I have no story to give them!
Another was a story about a man who finds a mysterious red stone, and when he holds it, he goes to another galaxy. The problem was, I couldn't think of what he did there!
The third and most tragic story I started was of a woman who has to suffer through a lot, but eventually makes it in the world. It was a tragedy because I concentrated so much on her suffering, that I ended up making her the most miserable person in the world. By the time I was done torturing her, I didn't have the energy to bring her out of it :)
So, you can understand why I was a little hesitant in entering a short story writing competition. My past record of trying to write one doesn't paint a picture of a spring day for me. It paints one of a summer drought.
But I finished. And I'm happy. Very soon, I'll put it up for all of you to read :)

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