The Other Kind

April 26, 2010

According to Stephen Hawking, aliens are out there - but instead of seeking them out, humanity should avoid any contact with them. Well, yeah, obviously!
In a recent documentary, the 68 year old scientist says that it is very possible that there exists intelligent life out there, much like us, or rather, more developed. He also warned human kind that this life may just drop in on our planet to raid us of our resources, much like a pit stop for a car, only to move on.
Wow, now that's interesting. I can just imagine all the sci-fi movie addicts jumping with joy, shouting 'Told you so!' to whoever doubted their belief in aliens.
The makers of movies like 'Independence Day' and 'Mars Attacks'(well, maybe not those guys) staring dumbfounded at this news, thinking 'Holy Shit! We got it right..?'
ET fanatics (or their counterparts in India, i.e Jaadoo fanatics) hoping and praying that these aliens are as cute and friendly as in the classic movie.
And maybe all those people have reason to get that dramatic. Because, if their belief in something so extremely unbelievable is reinforced, it gives them hope for all the other things they've been told are nonsensical.
As for the rest of us, who never believed in aliens, and take the idea in a more negative sense, we can keep telling ourselves its not true until its proven (even though we all know that proof isn't always needed for something to be true).
In the context of coming in contact with our extra-terrestrial neighbors, a very interesting thing Stephen Hawking said was, "We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn't want to meet."

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