April 20, 2010

I wonder if everyone in this world is just pretending to be normal, trying to fit in, secretly masking an extremely surreal personality. And all the people we call insane, are actually just being themselves.
Such were the kind of thoughts I was getting sitting at the printers for an hour, waiting for them to grossly overcharge me for my magazine. I guess that's what forking over the last of your cash does to you. It brings out your true personality.
But it is something to think about. If we all were to analyze ourselves, we would all find traits we keep to ourselves, that may seem completely loony to others.
I did just that. Noted down things about myself, quirks I possess (because I had a lot of time to kill while they re-did the printing they did wrong!)that make me...well...ME.
1. I talk to animals like others talk to little babies. However, I can never talk to human babies in the same way.
2. I sometimes write random thoughts on my hand, so I can look at it whenever I want. Right now, I have 'faith' written on my wrist.
3. I truly believe in the strength of the mind. It has the power to change circumstances. I also believe in sending people positive energy through thoughts, which is what I do sometimes. So, if you feel a sudden feeling of calmness, or a problem of yours gets solved, it could possibly be me. ;)
4. I have various wild theories about a whole lot of things, all in my head. So many that I could write a whole book! However, I would probably be the only happy owner of a copy of that book, so I won't be writing it any time soon.
5. Sometimes, I talk to God in my head. He never answers, so its pretty much a one-sided conversation.
These are just a few I thought of while I sat at the overpriced printers. I'm sure there are many more, which would make my friend say '....you're weird....' That I am, and proudly so.

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  1. There is more sanity in your insanity as compared to the 'sanity' of our thought leaders and decision makers.

    And, honestly I feel that you should go ahead with the book because more people relate to your thoughts than you think..(at least I do.. )

  2. "...weird....' That I am, and proudly so." And well you should be. I think you are exactly dead-on with your opening statement. Most of most people's lives is just pretend, and trying to live up to it. They've a deathly fear of the truth within.
    We're all weirder than we might publicly admit. You're on the right track, I sez...


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