Sunshine in the garden

May 03, 2013

The onset of spring takes everyone to one place, and one place only; the botanic garden. I'm surprised it took me so long to visit this place, but I guess I chose a good time, as many flowers are now in bloom. It was a good afternoon to explore the floral extravaganza, the sun was out but there was also a cool breeze. Perfect.

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden, unlike my perception, is huge! When you enter and grab a map, you realize the maze ahead of you. But with the beautiful sights and calming surroundings, you really can't care. My mum, who loves flowers, would have had the best time here. I saw many types. Some I recognized like daffodils and tulips. Others I didn't, and just admired for their pretty colors. I wanted to take some photos of the roses, but they're yet to show themselves.

I got lost for a bit (yes, even with a map. Now do you believe how hopeless I am?), so I did what anyone in such a situation would do; I sat in some shade and took pictures of myself. Then, I just followed the rest of the people there, and found my way.

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  1. Look like such a gorgeous garden. Love the pictures of the flowers.

  2. Yeah it was a great experience. Certainly feels nice to be surrounded by so much prettiness. :)


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