Three things this Thursday

May 09, 2013

I hate that I've been so lax with my posts over the past few weeks. It makes me feel uneasy, like there's something wrong. Yes, that's how much blogging has affected my life; it's become a part of it. I sat down today, thinking of what to tell you all about my week, and I thought of a never-ending monologue being recited to an audience beginning to nod off. It's not that my week was dull, but come on, who wants to read about how many cups of coffee a person had in a day?

So, a better idea I felt was to share three things that caught my eye, entered my thoughts or made me laugh over the past week! I even thought of a cool name for it, that's certainly a sign, isn't int? So here they are:

Rachel's list of 194 awesome things as an illustrated poster is pretty awesome too. I love her shop, and all the illustrations she makes. This one is definitely my favorite.

The folks over at A Beautiful Mess sure make it tough for you to stick to simple eating. The food they make is pretty creative, and looks extremely delicious, no?

It is my firm belief that my life would be incomplete without Homer Simpson. And here's a reason why.

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