Three things this Thursday

May 23, 2013

Hello, y'all! I guess my idea of soon is a little morphed. But, I've been so busy with such fun things these days that it seems like time went by really fast. As all of you know by now, my best friend is getting engaged. So, these days we're busy working towards that day (which is now just about a week away!). Apart from that, I'm super excited to meet my Delhi book club (I've missed those guys!). The theme this month is World War II, and I'm reading The Longest Day by Cornelius Ryan. It's very interesting.

Since it's Thursday, here are three things that I came across in the past week:

I'm a sucker for cute dog images, but I can't get over this one, that my sister sent me. Adorable!

I'm so psyched about the new season of Arrested Development that's coming out this weekend! It seriously is one of the best shows. My sister sent me a link to a site that documented all the running jokes on the show (which apparently are many in number). She sure finds the best things on the Internet!

AND how can a week be complete without a Simpson meme?

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  1. Congrats to your friend. I'm really Excited for Arrested Development! Wish I could watch the other seasons while waiting for the new one to land here...

    "Either that or Batman's really let himself go." LOL!


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